eSysTech is active within the area of embedded systems in Brazil and South America. Founded as a spin-off of an academic research laboratory with ample experience in Real-Time Systems, its competencies range from mobile and communication devices to applications in the areas of commercial automation and energy.

eSysTech furnishes services within the area of embedded system development (specification, design, development, implementation, integration and testing of hardware and software), in addition to trainings and personalized consultations, attending to the specific needs of its clients.

Possessing a qualified and experienced staff, its objective is to offer high-quality, competetively-priced products and services in an agile way.

Area of activity


eSysTech specializes in the development of embedded real-time systems, that is, systems involving microprocessors that are inserted in equipment with the aim of controlling the operation of the equipment. Embedded system applications include telecommunications, medicine, automation, energy, and transportation.



Microsoft Windows Embedded

  • Configuration of Windows® CE .NET™, XPe™, and NT embedded™ images for specific embedded systems platforms.
  • On-demand development of device drivers and boot loaders.
  • Training and consulting in Windows® Embedded operating systems and development tools.

Hardware Design and Development

  • Design and development of hardware platforms adapted for embedded systems:
    • high-performance / high-density digital systems;
    • 32-bit CISC and RISC microcontrollers;
    • electrically programmable logic devices (EPLDs);
    • VHDL;
    • analysis of timing constraints.
  • Debugging:
    • ICE / OCD / JTAG / BDM.

Development of Embedded Systems

  • specification of field tests;
  • quality management within the development process;
  • use of UML, SDL, MSC, Statecharts, Z.

Advantages for your company


- Product development.
- Human resource development.
- Support for your development team.
- Partnership with UTFPR, which makes possible the use of resources made available through an R&D tax
- Partnerships with research laboratories.